The proper term, Athletic Identity Transitional Management (AITM), is designed to assist athletes from all levels of sport.  Consider it a guide to understanding the multi-level platform of transitions experienced through sport participation, with a careful examination of the thought and behavior process associated with AITM.  When we understand the process of thought and behavior we then can begin to work towards achieving success. 

Many experts believe the transition process for athletes starts at the end of an athletic career.  We respectfully disagree and argue transition for athletes happen multiple times throughout an athletic career.  

The IPPD Transitional Management Assistance program is designed to help athletes manage a transition in a variety of key developmental stages.  Transitions for athletes occur in the following:

  • On the High School Level
  • On the Collegiate Level 
  • When Existing Sports
  • When Faced with Criminal Charges 
  • During Relationships
  • Through Teams and Organizations
  • And much more

All of the above transitional areas require specific support services, designed for athletes and parents of athletes. We have experts waiting to help you design a Personal Player Development plan to get you moving in the right direction.